TAXIWelcome to ! is the natural extension of Carriage News, the only industry publication serving Boston and New England taxicab owners and cab drivers for the past 44 years.

Here at our mission is simple and single minded — helping you succeed in your chosen profession — operating a profitable taxicab business. That is our only mission!    

Whether you are a taxi fleet owner, run a single taxi medallion or work as an independent cabbie who leases someone else’s taxi medallion, is here for you. From up to the minute taxi news, to new taxi-related product offerings and everything in between, will enrich your industry knowledge and entertain you, all in one single stop. Every month, Carriage News and Carriage will feature columns from local taxi drivers, taxi owners, the taxi drivers’ union, an attorney specializing in taxi industry legal issues and, coming soon, a licensed financial planner and tax specialist who will advise you on all aspects of your taxicab business and financial dealings.

If you have any comments about, we would love to hear them. Feel free to offer suggestions that will improve the site. As we grow, we hope to evolve into the most important tool you have in sharpening your professional taxicab skills as a public service provider and entrepreneur.

You can follow us on Facebook and use it to contact us, or click here to contact us, to air your gripes on anything and everything taxi related.  If we are doing something wrong, we want to hear about it. We’d also like to hear the good stuff.  Traffic, politics, taxicab regulations, the weather, the economy, crime, sad stories, funny stories and pats on the back to fellow cabbies you may view as local heroes are all welcome subjects.

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